Take your dancing to the next level.

DanceVibe’s competitive company will take your dancing to the next level. Our company is comprised of elite dancers ranging in grades K-12th. We focus on technical excellence, choreographic artistry and a well-rounded dance education to give our dancers the advantage. Through rehearsals, competitions and conventions, dancers develop lifelong friendships while learning the value of teamwork, commitment and self-discipline. The life lessons learned through our company make DanceVibe dancers forces to be reckoned with both on and off of the stage.

We are the longest running competitive dance company in the Mechanicsburg area with a record for success. We pride ourselves on competing against the top-ranking companies in the nation. Our company consistently brings home numerous 1st place high scores, choreography accolades and specialty awards, and our dancers are recognized at conventions for their stellar class work.

At DanceVibe, we have three company divisions, Shooting Stars (grades 1st-4th), Vibration (4th and up) and Pre-Pro (7th and up). Auditions are required for any student wishing to be part of our Vibration or Pre-Pro companies. Additionally, all Vibration and Pre-Pro dancers must be members of our VIBE Program to participate. Click below to find out more about each of our companies.