VIBE Program

Grades 4th – 12th

Elevate your dance training! Define your artistry! In the VIBE program, we seek to develop technical & passionate artists. We are focused on your progress and helping you evolve to the highest level both technically and personally. On top of developing stellar technique, you will learn goal setting, time management, strong work ethic and passion for the arts. We seek to empower you with with the tools necessary to achieve your dreams. Many programs teach steps. Our VIBE program will teach you how to be successful at everything you choose to do. VIBE will prepare you to dance at the college level and beyond. Our alumni have majored/minored in dance, made top college dance teams, and become dance teachers.

DanceVibe’s VIBE program is comparable to top programs in large cities. The program is comprised of classes geared towards the driven, disciplined dancer with previous dance training. VIBE classes are challenging, rigorous, fast-paced and highly technique based. The versatility of our dancers is stressed. Students are required to take multiple styles including ballet, modern, contemporary, jazz, tap, hip hop & tricks. We also offer optional specialty classes in pointe, choreography and stretching/toning to further help our dancers excel. Students in this program attend classes anywhere from 2-4 days/week depending on their level. In order to be successful in this program, students should display a seriousness of purpose, love of learning and undeniable passion for dance.

A student’s placement & progress in VIBE is based solely on their technique (not age). Once certain skills have been mastered, a student will be advanced to the next level. All students will progress through the program at their own rate. On average, students will spend 2-4 years in a level to achieve mastery.

Placement auditions are required for any new student wishing to join our VIBE Program. New students must complete our VIBE application and attend VIBE Auditions or submit a video audition.


  • Outstanding technical training
  • Professional, top-notch faculty
  • Challenging classes
  • Largest variety of dance styles offered in the area
  • Master class and national convention opportunities
  • Perform in our incredible End-of-Year Show
  • Eligibility to compete in our award-winning companies
  • Assistant teaching opportunities
  • Free, fun dance events that build lifelong friendships
  • Well-organized, professionally run dance studio

VIBE Program Photos